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What are LED lights?

What are LED lights? LED stands for light emitting diode.
So what do these light emitting diode do?
They produce a 90% higher efficency light in comparsion to incandescent light bulbs.
The light is produced from a microchip, that illuminates the tiny LEDs, once the electric current passes through it.

LED light don’t burn out but decrease their light over time.

LEDs are incorporated in fixtures and bulbs for lightning, reason why they offer much bigger space to innovation.

The LEDs have a very intelligent way to keep itself from over heating because Thermal mangement is the most important factor for a good LED performance.
So how does it work?
The heat produced by the LED gets dissipated in the environment thanks to the heat sink who absorb it and then release it.

What makes LED lights better from other light sources?

  • Long lasting
  • Efficient and Versatile
  • Directional light
  • Low cost

These are reasons F&M Progetti uses LED light and one big reason is that LED are ECO friendly.

What are LED lights?
They are the future.

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